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Roaster Collaboration #61 - Espresso Workshop Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #61 - Espresso Workshop Coffee Roasters

First things first - MERI KIRIHIMETE!

We're sure you will join us in not quite believing that it's that time of year again! But, don't worry, Andrew and the gang have been busy, just like Santa and his elves, over at Espresso Workshop fixing your coffee fix for the holiday season!


Black and white image of a large coffee roasting drum with head roaster Andy standing next to the machine, his back to the camera


At Espresso Workshop they believe that coffee is an experience, not just a product. They focus on sourcing quality traceable specialty coffee and roasting to unlock the full flavour potential of the coffee.

This festive season you will be experiencing the new Mōrena blend. In creating this new blend, Espresso Workshop were looking for it to act as a crowd pleasing option that embodied the morning and the nourishing qualities you look for when you have that first coffee for the day. Nothing says "morning/mōrena!" quite like a good cup of coffee.


Roasted coffee beans in a cooling tray


Mōrena blend, is a medium roast featuring flavours of dark chocolate, salted caramel and blackberry, containing the origins, Brazil Cascavel Vermelha, Colombia Volcān, and Tanzania AA.

Andrew recommends drinking this blend as a double flat white in a 130ml vessel (but he's not picky). If using an espresso machine, for a full double shot he recommends 19 grams in, approximately 28 grams out in 24 to 27 seconds. He also reckons it tastes fantastic in his Bialetti stovetop coffee maker.