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Roaster Collaboration #62 - Kawatiri Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #62 - Kawatiri Coffee

Happy New Year! Welcome to January 2023!

This month we’re welcoming back our friends Buck and Avi from Kawatiri Coffee. Since we last partnered two years ago, the team have added home compostable bags and a couple more coffees to the range - so we’re back to try again!

Buck & Avi standing in a green tent at a market, surrounded by their coffee.

Kawatiri is a specialty open flame coffee roaster from the wild west coast, hidden away in the bush near the edge of the Tasman Sea between the historic gold mining town of Charleston and the quaint fishing village of Westport. Both their setting and the coffee they roast is all natural; their roastery is hidden between lush Beech and Rimu forest and visited by New Zealand's beloved native birds, including Tuis and Bellbirds, and at night, are fortunate to hear the exotic call of the Great Spotted Kiwi...

Kawatiri's new compostable bag, nestled in some lush green native New Zealand ferns.

This month we’re sampling their ‘Mad Harry’s Gold’, a single origin bean from Sumatra. It’s a deep, strong coffee with a hint of lingering fruit at the end. It gives a lasting delicious flavour and is good for all coffee brewing methods!