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Terms and Conditions



1.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements with On the Grind and to all agreements that are the result of this. By pressing the concerning button in the window of the ordering process, all terms and conditions of On the Grind are accepted.

1.2 Oral statements, promises or agreements are not legally binding, unless confirmed in writing by On the Grind.

1.3 If one or more provisions in these Terms and Conditions are void or destroyed, the remaining provisions remain in full force.



2.1 SEZED LTD trading as On the Grind is the entity to accept the orders. On the Grind enters the agreement with the Customer.

2.2 Offers by On the Grind are entirely without obligation and can be recalled at all times before, and during, and after the creation of the agreement, but only before a delivery is made.

2.3 No activity of On the Grind may be interpreted as a joint venture, partnership, distribution agreement, representation of agency, or agency relationship agreement between the parties having been established. None of the parties is entitled or authorized to enter agreements regarding liability, debt, cost, or agreements for or on behalf of the other party, unless expressly agreed upon with On the Grind in writing.



3.1. On the Grind accepts limited liability for the quality, conformity, security, lawfulness, integrity, or reliability of the rights and obligations that have sprung from the agreement between On the Grind and Customer, or the different components thereof.

3.2 On the Grind is not liable for damage that is the result of a non- or improper functioning of a Product and/or the facilities of their service, unless the cause is intent or gross negligence by On the Grind.

3.3 If On the Grind is liable as a result of a failure to perform its obligations, which is attributable to them, the liability will be limited to the direct case damage that is in direct connection to the deficiencies attributable to On the Grind. Liability for any form of indirect or consequential damages is excluded.

3.4 On the Grind is not liable for failure to perform its obligations from this agreement when the execution of these obligations is hampered or made impossible by a cause that is outside of their reasonable power.

3.5 On the Grind has the right to (temporarily), without prior notice, put their Website out of order or to limit the usage thereof, or to stop providing the service of On the Grind without justification and without this providing any right for compensation from On the Grind.

3.6 It is possible that the Website contains references to Websites of third parties (for example by way of a hyperlink, banner or button). On the Grind has no say or influence regarding the content and the policy of these Websites. Therefore, On the Grind is not responsible for the content and methods of these Websites and does not accept any liability for these websites.



4.1 New Zealand law is applicable.




5.1 The Customer is, if a natural person, 18 years or older.

5.2 To be able to use the service(s) of On the Grind, the Customer is required to create their own account using the method as described on the Website.

5.3 The Customer is liable for all consequences that result from using this account.

5.4 You can choose to have rolling subscription or one-off coffee box.

5.5 If subscription method is chosen, your order constitutes an order for an ongoing and regular purchase and delivery of coffee boxes selected and will, subject to the rights to pause and terminate set out in these terms and conditions, continue indefinitely.

5.6 You can choose to cancel your order at anytime – cancelling prior to 14th of the month will result in you not being charged for delivery in that month. 



6.1 After placing an order on the Website, On the Grind will deduct the, on a per-order and/or recurring basis, agreed upon amount stated in the confirmation mail from the bank-account or credit card that has been provided by the Customer.

6.2 The agreed upon amount is kept on the account of the payment provider while the Product is offered on the Website.

6.3 All prices on the On the Grind website include NZ GST and include delivery costs (some delivery locations are unavailable)

6.4 On the Grind reserves the right to adjust shipping costs to reflect fluctuations in delivery charges, higher raw material costs or other reasons that lead to an improvement of service.

6.5 On the Grind offers payment by credit or debit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express) or via Poli. However, On the Grind reserves the right to add, cancel or change these payment methods as it sees fit.

6.6 Upon the purchase of a rolling subscription the customer will be charged for the first month on the date in which they purchase. Subsequent subscription charges will be made against the credit card of the customer on the 15th of the month.



7.1 Customers have the right to cancel subscription orders without giving any reason prior to the overnight period of the 14th of the Month when the subscription will be charged. Once purchased, one-off purchases are unable to be cancelled.

7.2 For health and safety reasons, On the Grind cannot accept returned products, unless they are non-food items that can be exchanged for a replacement.

7.3 To exercise the right to cancel, the Customer must inform On the Grind of the decision to cancel the order via the online customer portal.

7.4 On the Grind may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by the Customer.

7.5 On the Grind will make the reimbursement without undue delay, no later than 14 days after On the Grind received confirmation from the Designer the product has been returned in good order.

7.6 On the Grind will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as Customer used for the initial transaction.

7.7 The Customer must inspect the condition of orders upon delivery. If the Customer notices that the package has any damages on the outside, s/he is kindly asked to notify the courier. If an item from an order is faulty or damaged, On the Grind must be contacted via store@onthegrind.coffee as soon as possible after receipt of item, but not later than 48 hours after delivery. The following information must be included in the email:

  1. The order details: order number, contacts details and date of delivery.
  2. Information about the faulty or damaged product: product name and description and what is wrong with it. If possible, a photo must be included.
  3. Proof of notification to the courier must also be provided.

7.8 On the Grind cannot be held accountable for late delivery of its product in the case of external interference or force majeure.

7.9 Should the Customer provide an incorrect address during checkout, fail to claim his/their delivery at the local postal office or have moved without notifying On the Grind, On the Grind will not provide free return shipping on the same order. If the customer is a subscriber, then the contents of the returned parcel can, following an agreement between On the Grind and the Customer, be returned to the Customer at the same cost of the shipment of the next parcel.



SEZED LTD trading as On the Grind. Company number: 6410655 NZBN: 9429046322456. store@onthegrind.coffee

WEBSITE: The Website https://www.onthegrind.co.nz