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Roaster Collaboration #60 - Essenza Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #60 - Essenza Coffee

Welcome to October 2022 and this delightful blend from Essenza coffee.

Mike and Chris started Essenza coffee in 2002 and roast in a repurposed cow shed, which they call the coffee shed, in the midst of a dairy farm in the heart of the Waikato. This picture showcases the beautiful country side - the only foot traffic are the cows! They chose the name Essenza because it translates to Essence, the beginnings of a perfect cup of coffee.

Your coffee this month was roasted on a 1980s refurbed 30kg Petroncini coffee roaster. You’re trying their original blend, Diavolo. It has been continuously developed over the years and has won silver and bronze awards. It’s a blend of Kenyan, Colombian and Indonesian origins. The beans are roasted to a medium-dark colour, giving you a medium-full bodied roast to entice out the caramel flavours in the beans. When we sample it, we get hints of fruit and cocoa and leaves a lingering sweet chocolatey taste in our mouths.