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Roaster Collaboration #59 - Common Good Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #59 - Common Good Coffee

Welcome to September and this feel good collaboration with Common Good Coffee!

Common Good Coffee exists to support positive change in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the world. They’re the crew behind Addington Coffee Co-op in Christchurch, Crave and Kind Cafes in Auckland, and the Common Ground Coffee pop up in Whanganui.

 Two friends are facing each other at a long table in a cafe, smiling and talking over some delicious common good coffee

Common Good are about epic sustainable sourcing of coffee, supporting farmers and their communities through fair trade organic supply chains. They also redistribute significant amounts of money to neighbourhoods where it’s really needed. Through their partners at Joyya, they currently support four neighbourhoods in India where extreme poverty, human trafficking, and the constant degradation of people unfortunately occurs; so far they’ve been able to redistribute over $120,000.

 A big yellow coffee machine sits on the cafes front desk with a rainbow of colourful Common Good Coffee bags on a shelf in the background

This month, we are trying their Better Blend which is a combo of Colombian, Mexican and Ethiopian certified fair trade and organic beans. It's a medium roast that's full of flavour with chocolate, toffee and hazelnut notes, complemented by a long-lasting burst of vanilla and dark cocoa. Well rounded, smooth and approachable it's perfect for espresso, stovetop and plunger. Black or white, it's super versatile so it will taste great no matter what method you use!

A bag of Common Good Coffee, the better blend is sitting next to a pour over jug of filter coffee. A tasting card for the Better Blend sits in front.