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Roaster Collaboration #58 - Rush Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #58 - Rush Coffee

We would like to reintroduce you to the family team behind Rush Coffee who are based in Wellsford. We last partnered with them in 2019 and they were a customer hit so we've invited them back!

Rush was founded by Hayden and Emma and now includes daughter Betsy and her husband Aaron. This is a family of high achievers, which is great news for us as they have collected five gold medals, 2 silver medals and 6 bronze medals across national and international events for the Rush Espresso blend that we're tasting this month!  

Rush Espresso is a beautifully complex, sweet and well balanced coffee blended from 5 of the world’s great coffee growing regions. It's a strong blend with notes of chocolate and fruit, so it works perfectly as espresso, plunger, or filter!

Naturally, Hayden, Emma, Betsy, and Aaron are proud of what they do and believe that the awards they have won for their beans clearly demonstrate their passion for consistent coffee excellence.

We're so looking forward to sharing in this coffee experience with you this month, and would love to hear what you think!