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Roaster Collaboration #57 - Deadly Sin Coffee Co.

Roaster Collaboration #57 - Deadly Sin Coffee Co.

We're excited to be introducing you to, for the month of July, New Zealand's strongest, smoothest coffee - Deadly Sin Coffee Co!

Deadly Sin Coffee was born out of two passions converging – exercise and coffee roasting. The highly caffeinated blend, created by the Deadly Sin founders caused a ruckus at their local gym, with early risers giving it a crack and reporting back on the focus and clarity of mind they enjoyed thanks to the supercharged caffeine hit. Word got around and people started asking questions about how they could get their hands on the caffeine kick. Cue endless hours of research spent by the Deadly Sins team to find the right blend of beans for the optimum caffeine hit and the smoothest, best tasting coffee.


Deadly Sin Coffee Co have one mission – to light your fire, wherever you are. They want Kiwis to wake up to deadly strong, sinfully smooth coffee each and every day. Created by coffee enthusiasts for coffee enthusiasts, their carefully chosen, expertly roasted coffee beans produce a bold, highly caffeinated blend.

This month we'll be enjoying a medium roast - a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from Panama and Brazil, with subtle flavour notes of cacao nibs, a caramel pudding aroma, and a citrus and roasted pecan finish.

Deadly Sins favourite way to drink this blend is: early morning freshly brewed, black or with a dash of your go to milk of choice, ready to kick start the day!