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Roaster Collaboration #55 - Escape Coffee Roasting Co.

Roaster Collaboration #55 - Escape Coffee Roasting Co.

We're pretty excited about this one, so buckle up as we introduce you this month to Escape Coffee Roasting Co from New Plymouth!

Escape Coffee was born in 2011 and was the beginning of their journey in seeking simpler times and truth in coffee. We're told that Escape felt like a name that was easy to say, easy to recognise, and a feeling everyone was seeking. It's taking a moment - a moment to ESCAPE, illuminate and elevate.

 Image of a big aqua blue building with a mural painting, located in New Plymouth, New Zealand

The team at Escape Coffee fully embrace the art and science across the entire coffee chain, including sourcing all kinds of coffees featuring different processing methods, roast profiles, and brew methods. They want their customers to see and feel that hard work and experimentation in each cup.

When sourcing coffees, Escape put the planet, people, and quality before profit. They strive to produce products with the most sustainable means, deliver them using the most efficient transport possible, and wrap them with love using compostable or reusable packaging. It is a priority for the passionate crew behind Escape Coffee to continue to push the industry and themselves forward by increasing sourcing standards and innovating throughout the process of buying green, roasting, brewing, and serving customers.


Image of a coffee roasting machine in the distance with the head roaster leaning against it.


This month we're sampling an Escape coffee from their warm series. 

Warm Series

Our Warm Series coffees are skilfully developed to experience each coffee’s identity without tasting roasted. The extra development reduces the acidity, highlights the body, creates a sweetness and makes the extraction process more forgiving. A warmth that will fill anyone’s heart or maybe just their cup.


The Bus is a medium/dark roast espresso blend, carefully crafted to take you on the ride of your life. If you’re after a big caffeine kick with a smooth finish, hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

Tasting Profile



ELEVATION – 1550 TO 2200M, AND 1200M



Brew Ratio

18g dose 36g Yield , 27-30s extraction