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Roaster Collaboration #54 - Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co.

Roaster Collaboration #54 - Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co.

Your coffee is heading to you this month from the mighty Manawatu and has been roasted by the wonderful team at Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co! They have been proudly NZ owned and has been in operation for more than 15 years. Arrosta Coffee pride themselves on supplying the very best freshly roasted coffee beans.

Arrosta's main focus is to share their love of coffee and have rich and meaningful conversations, educating their community about coffee, its origins and the path it follows from farm to cup. Coffee brings people together and creates relationships, and Arrosta Coffee are thrilled to be a part of the forever changing, socially aware, and diverse specialty coffee industry!

In the centre of the image there is a colourful coffee wheel poster stuck to the wall. Standing in front of it are two people, a tall man with brown hair and a woman with blonde hair. They are looking at the coffee chart and having a conversation.

This month you will be drinking the Arrosta House Blend, which is their most popular blend and a firm favourite! This premium blend is origin roasted to bring out the best flavours of each bean. It is then blended post-roast to produce an exquisitely balanced and well-rounded cup. Containing single origins from Colombia, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Brazil, this blend boasts flavours of dark chocolate, caramel and nuts. It is a medium roast coffee, full bodied and crafted specifically for the New Zealand coffee drinker and can be enjoyed black or with milk. It is roasted to compliment the sweet and creamy milk we have in New Zealand and these flavours lend themselves to this blend with ease.

This is a picture of someone holding a chemex coffee pot, with two cups of coffee on a table top.