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Roaster Collaboration #50 - Ozone Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #50 - Ozone Coffee

Meri Kirihimete from On the Grind + Ozone Coffee!

We hope that after the year we've all had (sorry to bring it up), you are full swing into the Christmas spirit mode, just like us!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our special Christmas collab will be with the coffee legends and leaders in the industry - Ozone Coffee!

If you are giving one of our On the Grind gifts that keep on giving this year, then you've really nailed it for your giftee, if we do say so ourselves!

To keep things cheery and light this month, we thought we would mix our monthly Collaborations blog post up a bit, with a more personal Q&A with the Head Roaster responsible for your perfect brew this month at Ozone.

Who are you?

Hey! I’m Paul, Head Roaster NZ


When/how/why did you start? 

I started roasting with Ozone Coffee in 1999 - located in Fitzroy, New Plymouth. We were roasting on a 12kg Otto Swadlo drum roaster. I grew up with filter coffee at home as a teenager and was super interested in the industry when my friends Karen and Jamie founded Ozone Coffee in 1998 and asked me to work for them in 1999 - the rest is history. 


What do you roast on?

The current roast set up in New Plymouth is a 1975 Probat G45 set up with multiple temperature probes to Cropster.


Tell us about Ozone?

Ozone Coffee is an international specialty coffee company, founded over 20 years ago. Our purpose is to lead enduring change in the way coffee is valued, grown, produced and enjoyed, responsibly for the future.


What’s unique about Ozone? 

We cultivate long-term relationships with coffee communities at origin, keeping in regular contact to ensure our producers are supported. 

Our philosophy is centred around responsible sourcing. While certified coffee has its merits, to us building and maintaining direct relationships with our partners at origin is crucial to our success.


What classifies your coffee as Speciality Coffee?

We choose to work with select producers and farmers supplying the highest quality coffee, who have excellent sustainable practices and are socially responsible to their workers. We choose to pay premium prices well above the cost of production to make sure our relationships have longevity and are rewarding for all involved, giving you the best specialty coffee to experience.

As a specialty coffee roaster, we strive to have complete transparency across our supply chain. From farm to cup, we aren’t after the best deal. We source coffee responsibly and make it a priority to have representation locally where our coffee comes from. This allows us the opportunity to identify areas where we can have a positive impact.


Tell us about your roasting process?

Our approach to roasting is one of clarity, sweetness and balance. We want to translate what we experience and select on the cupping table to the final cup, and showcase our producer partner’s hard work, attention to detail and the expression of each unique origin – clear, bright, detailed aromas, flavours and characteristics.


Can you tell us more about the Hodson Blend? What’re the origins of the beans? Roast characteristics? Tasting notes and profile?

Hodson Blend was developed in recognition of the early days of Ozone Coffee when Jamie & Karen Hodson began roasting in the small surf town of New Plymouth, New Zealand. They founded the business on family values with a commitment to growing meaningful relationships at origin. This blend celebrates that original vision and our sourcing partners in Colombia, Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

With juicy wild berry and sweet chocolate flavour notes, this brew is flavourful with layers of chocolate throughout. Every component gives a deep, satisfying sweetness which is elevated by caramel and pineapple notes from the Nicaragua coffee. The Ethiopian brings a well-rounded berry fruit juicy acidity that leaves you wanting more. 


What’s your favourite way to drink this?

AeroPress or on the Moccamaster. Either way, it’s too good not to have another.