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Roaster Collaboration #49 - Ebony Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #49 - Ebony Coffee Roasters

We are excited to introduce you to Ebony Coffee Roasters, who in 2021, are celebrating roasting coffee in the Manawatu for 25 years!

The business began as the Manawatu Coffee Roasting Company in 1996, with a Massey University Economist getting the green beans roasting on a 12kg Otto Swadla. Donne was roasting mainly for his own supply, but a few friends and a local cafe also reaped the benefits.

Over the years as the business has expanded and become more established, Ebony Coffee have developed a strong direct relationship with Hemanth, who is a 4th generation coffee grower at the Kalledevarapura Estate in the Chikmagalur region near Bangalore. Ebony Coffee have been buying direct from Hemanth for well over a decade, and it's a relationship they are proud to have.

In the 17th century the prophet Baba Budan returned from Mecca to the Chikmagalur region with 7 coffee seeds from Yemen and planted them in the surrounding hills. This marked the beginning of the Indian Coffee Industry.

Kalledevarapura Estate is famously known for their shade grown Arabica coffee amongst wildly growing figs, jackfruit, silver oak and vanilla. At 1300- 1500 masl, fertile soils and natural springs flowing on the property, Ebony Coffee feel very fortunate to be roasting this exceptionally graded & patio sun dried coffee of Plantation A.

Its aroma has a soft spice to it and the flavour in the cup is mellow, creamy chocolate with a natural sweetness and balance of flavour, body and acidity. The Estate and their sister property, Harley Estate, have won awards in the Flavour of India.

This month Ebony has offered up their MANHATTAN featuring the Kalledevarapura Estate coffee as the main base to this pre-blended espresso with Guatemalan and PNG beans roasted on their 60-year-old 30kg Petroncini drum roaster.

We and the team at Ebony Coffee hope you enjoy!