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Roaster Collaboration #45 - Turning Point Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #45 - Turning Point Coffee

We'd like to introduce you to Clevedon’s new local coffee roaster, Turning Point Coffee! This new crew on the block are all about good. Good coffee, good people and being generally good to the world - all things we can get behind! 

For the month of July you will be drinking Turning Point's most popular 'Foundation Blend' roasted by someone who really knows his coffee! Stu Hargie is the founder of Turning Point Coffee, but he also wears many other hats including NZ’s only Coffee Quality Institute grading and sensory instructor, Brew Master, taster, green bean buyer, two time NZ coffee tasting champion, and head judge for the World Barista Championships. It's safe to say your taste buds are in very good hands this month. 

The Foundation Blend that you'll be sipping on for the next little while is sourced from organic smallholder farms in Colombia and Rwanda. You can check out turningpointcoffee.co.nz for more info on the producers.

It’s smooth, complex, balanced, and super tasty. Turning Point have their own flavour notes but believe we all taste things differently and the key is whether you personally like a particular coffee or not - they want to reassure you that their coffee will be super yum though!

The roast profile, is medium/dark, (not too dark) and suits espresso machines, stove tops and is also designed to be not overly roasted, so will perform in a plunger or soft brew situation as well.


Head to our Rise & Grind blog to find out more about Turning Point's journey so far and their philosophy in sourcing and producing the highest quality coffee for you at home - it's an article you won't want to miss!