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Roaster Collaboration #43 - Le Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #43 - Le Coffee

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning (we're so grateful for your ongoing support), this may not be the first time you've given the delicious coffee from Le Coffee a try. We last featured Le Coffee, roasted by David, back in 2018 for our sixth month in the business!

We love re-visiting some of these OG roasters because back in the day we were only sharing their goods with roughly 10 customers - big shoutout to our parents, aunties and uncles haha! It's safe to say our reach has grown over the last 4 years and we love to be able to showcase these amazing roasters with a much larger audience.

David is a small batch roaster who produces high quality roasts using his Giesen W6 Series roaster for batches no bigger than 6kg! David really put himself and his machine to work this month with the higher volume of coffee that we ordered this time around, although we can guarantee that the quality and consistency won't have been sacrificed. 


When we asked David how he got started in the coffee industry, here is what he had to say...

"I've always been into coffee, from drinking it to roasting it. I started to roast coffee beans at home for fun using a... popcorn maker! The outcome was not really what I expected, to say the least! I then took things a bit more seriously and invested in a small, semi-professional coffee roaster and started to get roasting experience. After years of roasting various single origin coffee beans, I started blending and roasting premium beans from various sources. I was especially looking for a mild, smooth coffee flavour, until I got the blend right."

This month you will all be sipping on this delicious smooth blend - a full bodied, medium-to-dark roasted blend of 3 fairtrade organic beans from Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Colombia. A delicious combination of earthy flavours with a hint of fruity sweetness, this is our unique and very popular blend. Our coffee is roasted French style, medium-to-dark roast, perfect for espresso, flat white and other milk based coffee. 

When you're drinking it be sure to have David's Granny's words run through your head...

''If you want to drink coffee, drink good coffee!''