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Roaster Collaboration #42 - Toasted Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #42 - Toasted Coffee Roasters


We may once have been whimsical artisans tinkering with roasting in a popcorn maker, shoving screwdrivers into solenoids, jotting notes on pen and paper, but we’ve learnt a lot ... fast forward 20 years and Toasted has a few new faces around the traps, new owners, improved functionality and a beautiful new brand.

We care – a lot – about every aspect of our business, our team, our wholesale customers and ultimately every single person who comes into contact with our coffee –and that includes you. We’re a family owned and operated business whereby all profits are circulated back into the New Zealand economy.

Method roasting is how we select our beans for our blends and single origin programme. It’s how we roast each batch, check our profiles, run our Q.C, and taste our coffee. We constantly strive to ensure every single batch we roast is done to exacting roast profiles to ensure the coffee you receive in your cup is on point, every time.

The coffee you are about to experience is our house blend, AA7 and also our most popular blend. It’s licence to thrill, James Bond-esque name was decided over a decade ago when coffee roasters used to put so many different origins in their blends you’d have thought it was a competition to see who could fit the most in. Thankfully we stopped at seven origins, and that’s where the 7 comes from. The AA is thanks to the Kenyan coffee, with AA being the size grading of the bean. Nowadays we’ve refined to 5 origins, and changed the roasting profile as tastes in the coffee drinking public have evolved, but it still has that hero AA Kenya bean.

We’d love to hear what you think of your experience with this blend and would welcome your feedback on our channels below:

Socials: @toastedcoffeenz

Email: wholesale@toasted.co.nz 

Web: toasted.co.nz

Phone: 09 966 6485

Yours in coffee, Team Toasted