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November's Brew in Review - by Yelena Bosh

November's Brew in Review - by Yelena Bosh

Writer’s sworn necessities? Pen. Paper. COFFEE and lots of it!!

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t an early morning for me that doesn’t start with a large cup of freshly brewed coffee.  It’s a morning ritual that happened naturally and I really am sorry, not sorry about it. I am a coffee addict after all.

Speaking of being addicted to this mesmerising creation, have you heard of On the Grind? They are New Zealand’s first monthly coffee subscription box company. Yup. COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION. So each month you will get a different specialty coffee, from one of New Zealand’s own Artisan Roasters, to last you for a whole month!! I know right? No more painful tears when you witness that last grind falling out of the tin, only to realise there is no back up. This happened to me once, but I quickly learned from my mistake and now have back-up tins in the pantry!

It’s either collecting stale coffee in fear of one morning running out – dear God no. OR. Having a fresh monthly delivery, in a deliciously aromatic box, WITHOUT the fear of running out. That almost sounds too good to be true!

I don’t think I need to wait for you to make up your mind about the above, but if you haven’t already, here’s a little more about heaven in a box.

On the Grind is a company that discovers all the best brews, crafted by boutique coffee Roasters from all around New Zealand, and works with these coffee legends to bring you a new flavour and favourite each month. The best bit is you get to tailor your order to your preference of Whole Beans, Espresso or Plunger AND you can choose how much of an addict you are by picking either the 500g or 1kg option!

In November’s box the prized coffee is – oh gosh – the ever mouth watering “Little Drum Coffee” is one that needs to be topped!! Drum roll please.... lol... Mount Manganui’s Little Drum Coffee is a flavour that is anything but little. As soon as I placed my box on my table, at the ready to open it, I was met with an aroma that no matter how much the writer in me tries to describe it, there is no justice that can be done to describe how great it smells.

First, let me just make it clear. I don’t love all coffee types. I know, coming from a coffee addict that doesn’t sounds right, but who would fall in love with watery, tasteless, so bitter you cringe at taking one more sip. I have had far too many of those sad coffee moments so after a while without even noticing, I became picky. Sticking to cafe’s that I know won’t disappoint and only having a few tins of my most prized coffees.

In saying that, Little Drum Coffee may have exceeded my expectations! Even when I took the first whiff, before I even opened the golden-brown packet I knew this would proudly be standing among the others on the shelf.

And boy, did it.

First sip is silky smooth. It has a texture to it that doesn’t even register watery. The little layer of crema at the top – mmmhmmm – it has to be one of my favourite parts of any coffee made this way. I love my lattes, but nothing can top coffee made on the stove...

The aromas of Little Drum Coffee mixed with the flavour notes are different with every sip. They are intense, giving it the desired flavour we all seek when trying new coffee.

It’s not bitter either, whereas some coffees I have found the immediate after taste to be very bitter and some even have that gross sour taste! If you’re cringing, you know exactly what I mean. With this coffee however, it held its beautiful unique flavour and delicious coffee after taste all the way to the last sip.

The coffee beans seem to have been very skilfully processed, and roasted. The aroma was so strong, even before I opened the box I was grinning like an idiot. I mean, again, I say, coffee addict here...

When sadly, that last sip had to be devoured, the aftertaste didn’t fade until a few hours later. I love the smell of coffee tainting my lips and Little Drum Coffee’s magnificent creation had me tasting both the delicious coffee bean flavour AND a few notes of chocolate. It was faint but it was there.

Can you guess if I love this coffee yet?!

*makes another cup before continuing typing*

Charlie Self is Little Drums main machine. He is filled with passion, experience and so much knowledge when it comes to coffee. Just telling from my taste tests every single morning over the past week, I think it’s more than fair to say, he knows the art of roasting.

Little Drum Coffee obtains seasonal coffee beans – hello fresh coffee – that are scientifically crafted, so even coffee addicts are left with no words. I’m not kidding. I had my parents over to sample and give me their thoughts. We had to sip at least 2-3 times, with huge smiles forming on our faces, before nodding our approval.

Little Drum Coffee’s motto is à FRESH IS BEST.

I 100% agree! This month’s subscription receives 3 sets of two thumbs up from me!

So, have you opened a new window and placed your order with On the Grind? This writer right here is still grinning, knowing that my Little Drum Coffee supply is still waiting for me to be devoured.

A whole month with delicious coffee is an irreplaceable gift and I can't wait to find out what amazing brand will appear on my doorstep next month!


-Yelena Bosh

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