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Guiding you to Legit Gifts

Guiding you to Legit Gifts

Hey team!

So at On the Grind HQ we are in full swing with the Christmas spirit and thought we would share our gift ideas with you all... you're welcome!

Now the art of gift giving is no easy task and if you are anything like me you won’t be organised, yet you’ll expect to deliver a thoughtful gift that the recipient will love! Actually, the fact that I am forcing myself to write this blog post in November is amazing as it might be the first year in the history of forever that I won’t be doing my frantic run around on Christmas eve – that is literally the worst.

So here goes...


Gifts for Him


1. Three Month 'On the Grind' Gift Subscription

Why not get the best gift of all? A 3-Month ‘On the Grind’ Subscription won’t go a miss with any coffee lover. The first delivery will be beautifully wrapped to keep your secret, with a personalised note on the inside. The best part is, first delivery will be right in time for Christmas day and the gift will keep on giving, two more artisan roasts into January and February.


2. Chemex Set and Stagg Pour-over


He’s got the coffee so why not give him the perfect brewing tools to match – A Chemex coffee maker & Stagg pour-over Kettle are super stylish too!


3. George & Willy      


So we're not suggesting you gift George & Willy - even though they seem like pretty cool dudes - but we do think their products are boss! Their Studio Roller is at the top of Ed's wishlist, with their sweet Leather Sleeve coming up a close second. He's a dude and he wants it so maybe your dude will too...


4. 'Hand Jive' Bar Blade

If you're looking for an affordable all round winner and a classic tool that can be used for years to come then why not grab one of these Hand Jive Bar Blades from Southern Hospitality. It comes with its own draw-string bag, however a nice little touch could be to get it engraved with the recipients name or a quote if that's not too cheesy. 


5. Triumph & Disaster



Triumph & Disaster have so many amazing products in their range, especially for heading into summer, and don't even get us started on their packaging!

Why not take a look at their wide range here? Or pay special attention to our top pick - the Karekare Hair Tonic, a sea salt spray great for dudes and chicks, you could even pair that with a top-notch experience for a slick new do from the Parnell Barber Shop.


Gifts for Her


1. 'On the Grind' Subscription & Joco Cup


If he can have it so can she – we don’t discriminate so grab either a half grind or a full grind and choose between whole beans, espresso or plunger with an ‘On the Grind’ Subscription. Go the extra mile and add-on a Joco Cup for safe measure!


2. Floxy Collabs 


We love collabs & so does our featured artist Flox, so why not take your pick from one of her newest projects or take a look at the Floxmas gift guide and deals starting on the 1st December! 


3. 2018 Stationery


Want this special lady to be more organised for 2018 than you may feel for Christmas? Well the Father Rabbit 2018 Journals are a great option for planning day to day but don’t forget with one of our coffee subscriptions they won’t have to add “pick up coffee” to their to-do-list.


4. Ore how about this...


Why not pair two beautiful products from Ore Design together to make for the ultimate gift – check out Gem’s amazing selection of NZ made silk earrings (I always get complimented on mine) and delicious candles that smell good enough to eat!


5. Bloom Social


We want to spread the subscription love for Christmas and this is a real winner in our household!

Check out our friends at Bloom Social for some of the most beautiful blooms on courier Auckland has to offer. The best part about this amazing subscription service is that they have a lil something-something for every girl with their add-on collabs, including stunning brands such as 'Sophie Store' (if anyone cares I have my eyes on the Torty Hoops earrings in Light)! Our suggestion is to get in quick and pre-order now to get in on the Christmas Eve delivery! 



So as expected I am still not organised for Christmas (probably because I have spent my time writing this for you guys)! Ah well, I'm sure my family and friends are already expecting to get coffee, coffee and more coffee for Christmas this year - that's what happens when you start up a business right?

Hope this guide to legit gifts has helped a brotha or a sista out and have a jolly ol' time would ya!


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