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Rise & Grind


Let’s face it, some of us just aren’t morning people, and it can be a bloody struggle pulling ourselves out of bed to face whatever it is we have lined up for the daily grind. On such mornings, I wake up and set my first intention…Coffee

It really is the only answer and with so many great perks - boosting mood, metabolism and energy to name a few – you can’t really go wrong, can you?

A fresh AM brew delivers all the goods - rich aromas, the scatter of beans bouncing into your grinder, the high-pitched whistle of the milk frothing and to finish off, that smooth taste and texture hitting your taste buds to make you feel alive, no matter what the time!

But how often can you say that you really take all this glory in and really appreciate that steaming, delicious cuppa joe when you’re half asleep?

If you’re anything like me, I bet the morning routine involves more whizzing around making breakie - accidentally washing my hair twice - getting dressed - prepping work notes - eating breakie - all the while drinking said coffee and not really savouring a single drop!

This chaotic process can easily have you suffering the opposite effect, with coffee showing you it’s dark side...anxiety, shakes, frazzled and fragile mood (sidenote - how great is the word frazzled?!) and you will carry this stress through the rest of your day.
In saying all that, we still claim we can’t function without the caffeine right? True, but imagine if we slowed things down and drank it mindfully; our day would begin on such a different note...happy AND functioning!

What a concept!
So I guess the moral of the story is: coffee is great, we all love it (or you wouldn’t be reading this nonsense) but we neglect the crap out of it while we’re drinking it and perhaps even when we’re making it - if we give it the tender love and care it deserves you will enjoy your day more and therefore your life....that’s right I went there, this is serious business!

I challenge you to take your intention of a morning coffee one step further and intend to enjoy every drop- let us know if your day gets better.


Sez  xx

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