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Roaster Collaboration #64 - Proof & Stock Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #64 - Proof & Stock Coffee

Tena Korua 

“Haere mai don’t be shy”! Proof & Stock Coffee was established in 2017, from a single garage nestled in the heart of suburban New Plymouth, with the dream to supply our people with delicious coffee. We set out with the purpose of building our business to create cohesion within our community, working with like minded creatives and companies alike, to showcase what our region has to offer.

Proof & Stock garage with roasting drum set up and roaster tending to the beans

We are all familiar with the age old saying that 'proof is in the pudding', however this is also evident in our environmentally concise model. From onsite composting of our take away cups and retail bags, to wholesale customers receiving their weekly bulk orders in reusable 4kg tins. 

Our coffee industry, including the farmers ability to grow coffee, is so heavily reliant on our planet. The volatility of mother nature overly determines our ability to have a sustainable business, so it's within our interest to return the favour and to look after her. 

Compost is given to the neighbourhood and community gardens, limiting green waste and lowering our carbon foot print. Our tetra packs from alternative milks are also repurposed though Saveboard as a certified job board reinforcing the full circle ethos. 

We hold close the obligation not only for the environment but also for our wider community, which has lead us to starting a barista school for young Maori, who are trained and then given part time work amongst our stockists here in Taranaki.

 Two Proof & Stock barista's making coffee at their cafe

This month you will be sampling our “Onenui” blend as part of On the Grind's monthly subscription. Onenui is a blend of Indo Wahana natural, Indian MSN washed, Ethiopian yirgacheffe, Colombian Planadas washed FTO.


Maori meaning of our blend

Onenui - (noun) rich soil made of clay, sand, sweet organic and fertile creating abundance, and plentifulness.


We roast small delicate singles on a 5kg ozturk and larger batches on a 30kg customised toper, although we are looking into purchasing a larger UG Probat in the near future.

Onenui is Proof and Stock’s slightly darker roast where all origins have been roasted between 19-21% development time, with an end of roast temp of 215 degrees to 218 degrees. This highlights the robust depth of our Onenui that is overly forgiving.

You will find notes of spiced tea, red wine, berries and a sweet cocoa finish. 

This is perfectly suited for a long black with a brew ratio of 20grams in 20grams out over 32seconds!

The Proof & Stock Whānau huddled together for a photo in the outdoors 

We would love for On the Grind customers to check out our Instagram @proofandstockcoffee where you'll see our artist series, which involves creatives from around Aotearoa sampling our specialty coffee and creating a unique limited edition piece to go on our reusable flasks.

From our whānau at Proof & Stock, we hope to see you in person and if you are ever in Taranaki - please come and say Kia ora!


Ngā mihi nui

Tane & Adrianna