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Roaster Collaboration #65 - Sublime Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #65 - Sublime Coffee Roasters

About you: who are you? When/how/why did you start? What do you stand for? What do you roast on? Any special story or another unique thing you’d like to be known?

In 2005 it all started with a living room converted to a small business, and our original roastery and espresso bar on Haven Road in Nelson was born. Our first coffee roaster was fixed to the wall of the little cottage and we would brew espresso all day long and roast in the evenings. Customers could wander in, sip away on a flat white, chat with other locals as they passed by, and watch coffee roasting in action.

The meeting and greeting, good tunes and industry insider feels are still part of everyday Sublime action to this day. It was all hands on deck. Dan and Emma behind the espresso machine and their eldest kids Hinemoana and Zeb were involved in bean blending, packing, and taking coffee orders when you could hardly see their faces over the till. A true family business! 

Steadily Sublime built up a band of wholesale cafe outlets to serve up Sublime goodness and eventually the demand outgrew what our little roaster could produce. We took a punt and built a bigger coffee roaster from the ground up. In 2013 we moved our coffee roaster into our first designated roasting factory, and in 2019 we moved again, and opened our doors to our New Street Roastery.

The front of the building houses a Brew Bar where coffee lovers can try our blends and single origins through different slow brew methods. Dan’s dream that started in Haven Road of bringing the spectacle of coffee roasting to the community has continued. The coffee roaster sits in the center of the building and we encourage people to come right up close to see the roasting in action. It’s a hive of activity, and there's always someone around with time to chat about coffee. 

One of the early team members of Sublime Haven Road had the Sublime bug and the travel bug, so in mid 2016 he took our handmade fluid bed roaster to open a Sublime branch in Adelaide. August 2016 also marked our first New Zealand expansion and Sublime Palmerston North was opened as our North Island hub. In 2018 the opportunity arose to open a Sublime espresso bar in the new Nelson Airport. We’re stoked to be at the gateway to the beautiful region where it all started for us!

Sublime Coffee Roasters was founded in 2005 with some core beliefs that we stand by to this day; quality coffee and community. Over the course of 17 years, these beliefs have stood the test of time and we are proud to be one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in New Zealand. Sublime encompasses Emma, Dan and their four kids, alongside the Sublime whānau of expert operators focused on roasting, training and service, stellar baristas who sling ripper coffees all day long, as well as an ever-expanding clan of exceptional wholesale cafe outlets.

Our love for the Sublime product has never wavered. Our happy team is passionate about delivering an unparalleled final product to you. We're 100% committed to ethical coffee relationships - if it's good for the coffee grower, you and us, we're on board!

You can read more about the Sublime story here: www.sublimecoffeeroasters.co.nz/pages/sublime-story

What roast are subscribers receiving? Bean origin? Roast characteristics? Tasting notes and profile?

This month your On the Grind customers are sampling the Custom Deluxe Blend - it's the blend that built Sublime! We’ve been roasting Custom Deluxe Blend since day one back in 2005. Years of development and a little bit of magic have gone into making our signature blend the best it can be.

This blend embodies why coffee is such a treat to us. It has chocolate, nutty, honey tones with subtle orange blossom. It has a medium body and high acidity. It's delicious!

The Origins this blend celebrates include - Brazil, Indonesia and India


What’s your favorite way to drink our featured roast this month?

The Custom Deluxe Blend is an espresso blend but it rocks plunger, stovetop, Aeropress and anything else it touches. It's especially tasty brewed in an espresso machine - it makes a dreamy flat white!