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Roaster Collaboration #47 - Little Things Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #47 - Little Things Coffee

Hey team, we really hope you're holding up in whatever level restrictions you're currently dealing with and we're so pleased we can still deliver the coffee goods to you from our Auckland base - phew!

This month we're introducing you to Little Things Coffee! Starting out as a funky little coffee shop tucked away in Glenfield, Indi the caffeinated owner of Little Things, had a big dream to expand and start roasting their own coffee in-house to share with their wonderful customers. 

Indi and the Little Things team prioritise quality, consistency, and a premium flavor profile. To ensure they achieve these outcomes in each of their roasts, they implemented a quality control systematic approach to roasting on a fluid bed air roaster, manufactured in America. 

This month you'll be sampling the Independence Blend, which is an ethically sourced mix of fully washed Colombian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans. It is air roasted to a medium roast. This is a 60% African heavy blend giving it a bright full bodied coffee flavour profile, with tasting notes of dark chocolate and a citrus and floral finish.