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Roaster Collaboration #40 - Kawatiri Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #40 - Kawatiri Coffee Roasters

Welcome to February 2021 and this extra special collaboration with the family from Kawatiri Coffee Roasters.

Kawatiri is a specialty open flame coffee roaster from the wild west coast, hidden away in the bush near the edge of the Tasman Sea between the historic gold mining town of Charleston and the quaint fishing village of Westport. Both their setting and the coffee they roast is all natural; their roastery is hidden between lush Beech and Rimu forest and visited by New Zealand's beloved native birds, including Tuis and Bellbirds, and at night, are fortunate to hear the exotic call of the Great Spotted Kiwi...

Founded 14 years ago, Tater Coppernoll, started roasting coffee when she migrated to the West Coast from in the USA. Bruce, Tater's partner and home-grown Kiwi engineering bloke, went on to design and build everything needed to roast world-class coffee.

This month we’re sampling their Paparoa Thunder, a single origin bean from Papua New Guinea. It holds its flavour right up front, has a thick crema and doesn't dissipate in the cup. It gives a lasting delicious flavour and is good for all applications! The guys at Kawatiri say that Paparoa Thunder is robust and hearty and best enjoyed in Swanndri and gumboots over an open fire. Enjoy!