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Roaster Collaboration #39 - Grey Roasting Co

Roaster Collaboration #39 - Grey Roasting Co

Hi team, welcome to 2021! We can’t promise what 2021 will bring, but we can promise to bring you some tasty brews this year!

We’re kicking off January with a really special collaboration – we’re so excited to introduce you to Grey Roasting Co!

We’ve had Grey Roasting Co on our collab wishlist since 2020 when they first launched. Based in Hamilton, the man behind Grey Roasting Co is Dove Chen. Dove is an icon in the New Zealand specialty coffee scene and is a 2-time NZ Barista Champ, representing NZ at the World Champs too – so if there’s one thing he knows, it’s great coffee!

This month we’ve picked their Daily Blend for you to experience. Grey Roasting Co not only serve up packaging that is the stuff of dreams, they also serve up the dream blend of beans from Brazil and Colombia.

This is a super drinkable coffee for your espresso machine. It tastes like pecans, caramel, dark chocolate and citrus (especially drinking black). Super yum and the perfect Daily. 

Enjoy, and as always – let us know what you think!