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Roaster Collaboration #28 - Switch Espresso

Roaster Collaboration #28 - Switch Espresso

For February we’re featuring our mates Switch Espresso from down in Christchurch.

These guys have been doing their thing since 2006, with a focus on supplying, supporting, educating, and growing partnerships with their farmers, importers, and wholesale customers. All to ensure the best cup of coffee is available for the end consumer - you guys!

They’re known for being authentic, pushing the status-quo, and being adventurous with their roasting recipes. Enjoy!

This month On the Grind customers will enjoy having the award winning Switch Espresso BBIV blend hitting their doorsteps. It's long been a crowd favourite in Christchurch so we figured why wouldn't the rest of the country love it too? 

Each roast from Switch Espresso showcase the cross-section of their favourite fair trade & organic coffees. To highlight the nuanced flavours they cherish, each blend offers a distinctive flavour profile. 

On this note and straight from the horses mouth, it's been recommended that the best way to drink this blend is with a good old traditional espresso extraction....although it's still very tasty through a stovetop or french press.

Happy caffeinating everyone!