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Roaster Collaboration #18 - Espresso Workshop

Roaster Collaboration #18 - Espresso Workshop

For the month of March we are featuring the one and only Espresso Workshop! We’re pretty lucky too, as these guys were busy preparing for and attending the NZ Coffee Festival this month (giving us some major fomo), smack bang on our dispatch time! Therefore, you can be assured that extra dedication and love has been pumped into this month’s brew.

Ed and I actually discovered Espresso Workshop after the 2018 NZ Coffee Festival when we had our debrief meeting in the company of good friends at the Ampersand Eatery in Orakei – beautiful spot if any of our readers are after a new brunch local. Espresso Workshop has their Roastery on site and the coffee was exceptional, with every brew type available on their espresso bar menu (it’s safe to say we sampled a few)!

From this moment on we knew these guys needed to be added to the collab wishlist!  

With the key principles of unlocking flavour potential, advocating the merits of specialty coffee, and promoting premium single O coffee guiding their practice, Espresso workshop was born in 2007. Since then the main goal (like ours at On the Grind) is to demonstrate that coffee is not just a product but an experience to be enjoyed and savoured.

To top it all off, the team believe wholeheartedly in transparency and trace-ability of their coffee. They have spent years personally building relationships in and understanding the industry, from seed to cup!

So, if you are an On the Grind subscriber, you’ll be drinking some top-notch brew this month, why not take a quiet minute to really taste and appreciate it fam!