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Roaster Collaboration #16 - Rabbit Island Coffee Co

Roaster Collaboration #16 - Rabbit Island Coffee Co

Stephen and Ali the founders of Rabbit Island Coffee Co have roasting experience dating back to 2010 when they were inspired by the micro-roastery movement taking New Zealand by storm, and decided to start their coffee journey in Cairns, Australia.

In 2013 this duo decided to move their life back to Nelson, where they set up a shipping container selling coffee and milkshakes in the summer months. Eventually they were offered a spot on the beautiful Mapua Wharf where the team began the Rabbit Island Coffee Co that we now know and love.

This roasting team is now a full family affair, who are seriously talented and contribute to the coffee landscape in New Zealand and Australia while maintaining their ethical values to the highest standard. Their goal – is to be your favourite Roaster who carefully selects their coffee from direct-trade partners with their customers in mind, always.

We are so proud to be able to bring our On the Grind subscribers such a beautifully curated coffee, from the perfect packaging to the perfect beans.