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Artist Collaboration #5 - Chris Hutchinson

Artist Collaboration #5 - Chris Hutchinson

Chris Hutchinson aka Chippy is one of New Zealand's talented illustrators, artists, and print makers. We're obsessed with his style and just lucky to be able to share some of his work with you over the next few months!

Chris discovered his love of illustration, analogue printing and self publishing zines during his time studying graphic design at AUT. After graduating Chippy went on to work and gain experience in the print industry but has found his calling freelancing out of his Inky Palms print/creative studio on K-Road, which he set up with some mates during his final year at uni. 

This month Chippy has stayed true to his usual colourful, squiggly, patterned designs but has put aside his trippy aliens and creepy critters, replacing them with cute and playful coffee cups! What better way to celebrate coffee and the effects of caffeine! 

Wondering where you can find more of Chippy Draws? Well, Mr Chip's works on a number of rad projects, but why not go and check out his work at the All Press Studio from March 5th-15th 2019 as AllPress, Phantom and Garage Project present 'Distant Isles - Here Be Sea Monsters'.