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Why Choose Us


Every month we’ll deliver you a package of freshly roasted artisan coffee right to your door step, shipped out on the 20th of each month.


Every month, we feature a great new brand and fresh roast each month that you will be lucky enough to try.


We team up with some of the best Artisan Roasters that NZ has to offer. We conveniently deliver straight to your door.

The Mini Grind </br> Two Fifty Grams
The Mini Grind </br> Two Fifty Grams The Mini Grind </br> Two Fifty Grams The Mini Grind </br> Two Fifty Grams The Mini Grind </br> Two Fifty Grams

The Mini Grind
Two Fifty Grams



You are only a few clicks away from ordering your own On the Grind coffee box!

Soon you will have 250g of fresh brew to enjoy right at your fingertips.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Freshly roasted artisan coffee from local roasters
  • Try a new brand each month
  • Standard delivery is included: we ship out on the 20th of the month. Orders close 12pm on the 15th of the month, late orders will be deferred to the following month
  • Pause or cancel any time (on subscription)
  • Only 50c per cup of coffee!

Any more questions? Visit the FAQ page or email us store@onthegrind.coffee

How it Works

Step 1

Subscribe to one of our coffee grind subscriptions

Step 2

Receive a package from our featured roaster of the month

Step 3

Get access to
some of the best roasters in NZ. Cancel at any time!


“Our first package arrived in Wellington today. Packaged beautifully and smelling incredible, thanks Sarah and Ed, I'm off to make a coffee right now!”


“The coffee is amazing guys! It smells and tastes great, we're loving the delivery and already can't wait for the next one!”


“I have a monthly subscription and I am really enjoying trying a different coffee each month. I can not recommend On the Grind enough! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and fabulous coffees!”


“Coffee literally arrives overnight and smells amazing. Loving the blends so far!”

Our local Roast Partners

Roaster Collaboration #79 - Wild Side Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #79 - Wild Side Coffee

Kyle and Danielle are the owners and operators of Wild Side Coffee, a family owned micro-roastery in the Manawatū, New Zealand. Wild Side Coffee was conceived in the beautiful landscapes of Kenya, where mornings began for Kyle and Danielle with brewing a fresh pot of coffee to accompany the breathtaking view of wildlife at dawn. Back in New Zealand, the weekend hobby of roasting coffee in their shed blossomed into a mission: to deliver quality roasted coffee to their community and to give back to New Zealand charities. But it wasn't just about the coffee; it was about understanding the origins, the journey from bean to cup, and the communities that nurture it along the way. You see, for Kyle and Danielle coffee roasting is not just an art form; it’s a science, and a way to connect with people. They believe that coffee is...