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What makes Ellie tick?

What makes Ellie tick?
We found Ellie on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her work. She visited us in an Auckland cafe on her way to a concert and the deal was done over a few long blacks. She's partnered with us to wrap our subscription boxes for June, July, August and September. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better...
What got you in to this art thing? 
I have always loved the art world but After finishing my masters in architecture I used some of the section drawings I had done and combined them all to form my first piece which I called the Transparent Hotel. I submitted it in a Wellington competition called The Parkin Prize And was completely blown away when I was selected as a finalist. On opening night an incredible art collector bought it and that’s what got me thinking that maybe I could actually give this thing a real go for real.
How do you fit it all in with your day job?
I am a massive planner and list person , I have a very chocker diary but love the busyness. I have gotten to a point where I can do a couple of hours in the evening during the week after my work day and then usually a whole day in the weekend. One thing I’ve found important is to have a really good social life and schedule that in as a priority. It helps the art still remain a hobby as well as a job. 
What do you love about the creative scene?
I love that in every single piece of art, whether it be super complex or just a line on a canvas - that there is a story to be told. That story may be the exact one that the artist intended you to understand or it could be one that is completely different and reflective of your own experiences and perception. I love Also that the NZ art scene is very supportive and everyone is really humbled when people admire their work. 
What style would you describe yourself as?
It’s hard to explain but probably would describe it as, illustrated narratives - by use of playful architectural sections. 
Tell us about the inspiration for the piece for OTG?
Hearing Sarah and Ed’s story of how the idea for OTG came about was a huge inspiration, also The art tells two big stories - how OTG’s packs are made, from growth of the coffee beans, to local roasters, to delivery to your door. The second story is one that tells of how every person who has an OTG package delivered to them , has a different coffee experience. Their cafe becomes their lounge room, the staff room or their dorm room. I think the diversity of customers adds to what OTG is as a brand. 
What’s next for Ellie Compton art?
Well... I’m still doing some amazing personalised commissions for anyone that contacts me. But I’m really excited to say that I’ve been selected to draw all over an entire room in the QT Museum Hotel. Such an honour to have my art in such an incredible boutique hotel and to hopefully spread some hilarity and story telling throughout one of their waterfront rooms!!
What’s your favourite coffee?
I love flight coffee!! And if I’m out, am a strict long black girl! 

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