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Art of the Aeropress

Art of the Aeropress

If you are up to date with all things On the Grind then you are probably aware that we are teaming up with our mates and next featured Roaster, Ozone Coffee to bring one of our lucky customers an Aeropress to add to their coffee kit.

Now, we were thinking that this is all well and good but if you are a novice coffee lover (we all started there my friend) then you may not have the first clue on how to brew using an Aeropress.

When Ed and I took a trip earlier this year to the vibrant city of Barcelona we were lucky enough to meet this really cool dude called Yan, who happened to be the ultimate coffee fanatic, wiz and expert. We joined him for 4 hours on his Kaffeine Kick Coffee Tour (this is another whole blog post) where we got to learn how to brew the perfect cup of Joe using this wonderful tool.

I have attached Yan’s Aeropress recipe below, as it always takes a bit of practise. Oh and if you are ever in Barcelona, we highly recommend looking this guy up! In fact, just book your flights now…




Equipment you'll need.

-Aeropress filters
-Thermometer (just incase you want the perfect cup) 

-Coffee 20gr
-Water to the top of the Aeropress (around 270ml)
-Water temp 92°C

1. Pre heat Aeropress 
2. Weigh 20gr of coffee and grind to a fine sand consistency
3. Add the coffee grounds to the empty Aeropress 
4. Start the timer, add 50gr of water to the Aeropress and give it a quick swirl making sure there are no clumps of coffee. If there are use a spoon to break them up.
5. After the 30sec has passed poor the rest of the water from a hight to allow sufficient mixing of the coffee. 
6. Wash filter to the the filter guard and fix on to the Aeropress 
7. When the timer reaches 1.30 flip the Aeropress on to your cup and start pushing 
8. Push at a speed that will take you approximately 30 sec to reach the end

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