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Turning Point Coffee - Turning a Vision into Reality

Turning Point Coffee - Turning a Vision into Reality

Clevedon’s new local coffee roaster, Turning Point Coffee, is all about good. Good coffee, good people and being generally good to the world. Their waste-free packaging and organically grown coffee is all part of that. Local, fresh coffee delivered to your door.

Founder of Turning Point Coffee, Stu Hargie, started out in coffee as a part time barista while still in school and has spent the last 20 years travelling the globe from Colombia to Rwanda to Papua New Guinea, tasting and sourcing speciality green beans for major coffee roasters both here in NZ and the UK. Stu’s main roles as Brew Master, taster and green bean buyer have been to source, roast and head up quality and sustainability programmes across businesses.

Stu really knows his coffee - he has gained credentials as NZ’s only Coffee Quality Institute grading and sensory instructor and has twice been crowned NZ coffee tasting champion. He is also a head judge for the World Barista Championships.

Starting a family recently, Stu decided to give up the extensive travel to focus on his family and dream of launching his own small local coffee roasting company.


“Being our own company, we can ensure every aspect of what we do is authentic to our values of delivering quality, adding value to all of our partners from growers to consumers and delivering a positive impact on our environment and supply chain from tree to cup.”


Coffee is Stu’s passion but equally important is the sustainability aspect and focus on ensuring a positive impact their business has on the planet. They source traceable high-quality organic coffee and pay fair prices to growers around the world. Producing tasty consistent product with a focus on re-useable and compostable packaging.

After years of traveling the globe sourcing coffee for larger coffee roasters Stu has seen the difference that fair prices can make – for growers, and for the local environments too.


“When producers are paid fairly, they can make decisions for the long term. It is when people have a plan for the future, they see the value in protecting the environment. Reinvestment in farms also improves the quality of the growers’ produce, so that is a triple win as far as we are concerned.”


Turning Point Coffee supply a range of coffees from their 'Foundation Blend' to single origins as well as uniquely rare and interesting lots from around the world. They also have home or office brewing solutions, and offer the best equipment and training for cafés and restaurants. You can check out Turning Point's website www.turningpointcoffee.co.nz or simply give Stu a call for more information on their offerings.

Turning Point is about doing business for good, but there is also a huge focus on consistency and quality of product.


“We have a strict quality process through our green grading assessment, sensory analysis as well as having one of the world’s most advanced roasting systems. That gives us total control so we know every batch will be consistently delicious”.

"We only launched a year or so ago but have had great support from the NZ coffee community already which we really appreciate, and we look forward to fuelling more kiwis with the good stuff.”


Turning Point even have options available for you to return the used packaging and compost it on your behalf if you cannot do it at home.

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