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A note on our prices

A note on our prices

Kia Ora,
Ed & Sarah here, co-founders at On the Grind.
We have been running On the Grind for five years now and have loved every minute of it. We pride ourselves on the amazing relationships that we have fostered with more than 50 different Coffee Roasters from around our beautiful Aotearoa. We thank our customers, both recent and those who have stuck with us since day dot!
Over the past five years we have worked hard to curate each specialty coffee experience, balancing our desire to keep the cost as low as possible for our customers, and without falling short for our Roasters and the very important overall supply chain. This supply chain includes everyone from those on the farm dealing with the bean to those producing the final product, which is slurped up by you from the cup.

Over the years, we have absorbed increases in courier, printing and wholesale coffee prices. Unfortunately, we cannot do so any longer and the time has come for us to raise our prices for the first time since our small business began. Covid-19, climate change, and inflation have a lot to answer for!
We don't have much more to say here, other than we have done our best to keep the price changes as low as possible. 
We really appreciate all the on-going support from you all and hope you stick around for the amazing coffee discovery experiences that we have lined up for the remainder of 2022 and heading into 2023!

Kind regards,
Ed & Sarah

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