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The Mother's Day Edit

The Mother's Day Edit

So, Mother’s Day is finally creeping up on us and I must confess, at this point I am a tad over all the ‘Mother’s Day Edits’ that have been taking over Instagram, blogs and any other marketing platform you can think of. It would genuinely be surprising to me if there was someone out there that didn’t know when Mother’s Day is!

Now the reason I’m sick of the ‘Mother’s Day Edit’ is because these brands are turning a day of appreciating your Mumma into a commercial gag like Valentine’s day! For any of you who may be reading this or if it’s just my Mum reading this - a Mother’s Day Edit is a series of (probably overpriced) gift ideas from either one store or a range of their favourites, that they promote non-stop for a month or two prior to the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about spoiling the woman that birthed you, but it doesn’t mean brands should take the opportunity to over-commercialise the true meaning of what it’s all about. I suppose this argument could be used for any holiday we celebrate though. In my family we have never really done Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day or even anniversary gifts... Christmas is a whole different story, don’t go changing that Mum!

So, I guess it would be pointless to rant about all of this without actually honouring my Mum and all that she has done for me over the years.

My Mum has worked hard for well over 30 years in early childhood, not only shaping me to be the person I am today and a future great mother, but also impacting other little beings along their journey too. She has in recent years made me even more proud by becoming a Parenting Coach, to share her endless knowledge with other great parents. It’s so fun being her case study and I love the phone calls I get where she interviews me on my thoughts about that time she said this, did that or encouraged me to do - whatever. It has been an amazing opportunity for honest conversation, which has also taught me to have a voice in other areas of my personal and professional life. Her passion for what she does and strength in taking risks has had a big impact on me, and I think in a way inspired/encouraged me to take my own leap of faith with starting On the Grind.

My mum is also one of the strongest women I know. Like literally she is freakishly strong… no but in all seriousness, she was strong enough and fearless enough (there probably was a bit of fear) to move our young family over to England for my Dads work. She held our little family unit together in a time of great change, challenge and adventure. The gift of travel and life experience she (and my dad) gave to my sister and I can never be repaid, we are so unbelievably grateful!

All the traits I have briefly outlined don’t even begin to cover the amazingness of my Mum, but they are all instilled in me and have carried me through many challenges – both good and bad. In my most fearless moment I thought of my Mum and what she would do, and I started On the Grind. I suppose you could thank her for your monthly coffee fix!

Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

It’s safe to say I will be steering clear of the ‘Mother’s Day Edits’ this year, instead I will be giving my Mum our 3 month, Coffee Gift Subscription and a cuppa in bed, to make up for all the sleepless nights I have caused over the years and I will be sure to tell her again why I love her!


 Main image photo cred: Is thanks to the amazing boss lady and beautiful Mumma Abbylee Bonny from the H+H Lifestyle

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