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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Hey Team

April is here which means we have left March Madness behind! No more traffic jams (yea right, especially if you live in Auckland), no more temperamental weather (it's all down hill from here) and for us at On the Grind, we can relax now the Coffee Festival is over... just kidding there is always great work to be done! 


April's Brew

Is coming to you from New Zealand's highest coffee roastery.

From their vantage point of 2000ft at the base of Mt Ruapehu, Volcano Coffee is serving up a superior coffee that begins with a selection of specialty, organic and fair trade green beans from a range of origins. This months featured coffee is River, Volcano's signature blend which was created 10 years ago. It is a 3 bean blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Central America. Of course all organic and fair trade as promised. It is rich, complex and smooth with good full body.

This coffee will be ideal for espresso or plunger as the flavour holds up well with milk.


NZ Coffee Festival

Last month I said "it's finally here" and just like that the big day has been and gone! I tell you what it was absolutely the coffee lovers dream! There was everything from taste testers to make your own coffee, spin 'n' wins, equipment, espresso martinis, coffee education, hipsters and great food!
We had such a ball at the On the Grind stand and were fizzing with excitement for just being able to be there. One of our main highlights of the day was meeting some of our customers, current and new, face to face. We don't get many opportunities to do this from behind our computer screens, so it was lovely to meet people who love coffee and what we are doing as much as we do!
Thanks to all of our previously featured Roasters we were also able to give 100 OTG coffee boxes away with our Spin 'n' Win! Seeing our boxes all around the event and the happy, winning faces made all the hard work worth it!
It's safe to say we'll be heading along to as many coffee events as possible, hopefully we'll see you there!

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