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Roaster Collaboration #73 - Coaster Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #73 - Coaster Coffee

Malcolm was intrigued by the art of coffee-making whilst he was a chef working across the road from Rocket Coffee Roasters in Hamilton, back in 1997. He approached the busy roasters and they offered him a job as a barista. Malcolm's passion for coffee grew as he made around 200 cups of coffee a day, learning the craft and enjoying the fast-paced environment.

In 2001, Malcolm received an "Outstanding Barista" award as voted by his peers at the Waikato Hospitality Association. He continued to work as a barista in Raglan and even moved to Japan to teach English. However, his old boss from Rocket Coffee Roasters came to Japan and asked him to return to Hamilton to learn how to be a coffee machine technician. Malcolm eventually became skilled in staff and barista training, continuing to refine his craft until 2017.

Unfortunately, Malcolm had to take a break due to an injury and personal loss. However, in 2018, he started roasting coffee in his garage in Raglan, mainly for himself, friends, and the local Raglan market. He managed to purchase a roaster thanks to a friend's recommendation and Coaster Coffee was born.

It’s not just about coffee, it’s about lifestyle. A lifestyle that is ethical, sustainable, and community-driven.

Malcolm's philosophy of roasting is similar to cooking steak: everyone likes it cooked differently. As such he roasts coffee to suit the flavour profile he likes to drink, using a medium roast that retains the flavours of the coffee beans.

This month we have a blend of Colombian supremo and Ethiopian Limu, medium roasted.

You can expect to experience tasting notes that include cocoa, orange peel, and salted caramel, along with just a hint of almond and marzipan. You’ll usually find Malcolm enjoying his brew as a flat white in an 8 oz cup with Raglan Dreamview milk, although he’s not averse to a long black or a macchiato from time to time.

Learn more about Malcolm, his love of music, and other services he offers, head to https://www.coastercoffeeraglan.com