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Roaster Collaboration #72 - Matakana Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #72 - Matakana Coffee Roasters

Lindesay Smith has been obsessed with coffee since the late 1980s, when he took a year out to chill on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He went for the surf, but fell in love with the coffee, learning his craft as understudy to a master roaster at the renowned ‘Coffee Gallery’ in the historic beachside town of Haleiwa.

 Lindesay Smith

Back home in 1989 Lindesay invited Kiwis to put down that cup-of-instant and embrace the espresso, long black and flat white. He founded the Sierra chain of cafes with the first branch on Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland, introducing customers to the fine art of coffee roasting.

Fast forward to 2001 when Lindesay moved North of Auckland for a change of pace, where he then founded Matakana Coffee Roasters. At Matakana they select high-grade Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffee estates across Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. Each batch is lovingly roasted in their Matakana roastery to the precise moment when the beans attain their optimum flavour and aroma.

Adding bens to roaster

Whether you prefer to grind your own beans, brew a plunger, or use their locally-produced coffee pods all of their coffee is roasted, packed and delivered fresh so you can enjoy the richest flavours in your morning cup.

From their award-winning blends, to single origin and Fair-Trade Organic varieties, Matakana Coffee Roasters has a cup for every palate.

Lindesay’s award-winning velvety smooth signature roast went on to win numerous awards and inspired the Village Market blend they still produce today: a medium-dark roast with flavours of rich dark chocolate, stone fruit and hazelnut. We hope you enjoy it!