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Roaster Collaboration #68 - Allies Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #68 - Allies Coffee

This month we're introducing you to an old friend with a new name - Allies Coffee, previously known as Merito Coffee!

 The evolution of Merito becoming Allies was a natural one, as Hans, head roaster and founder, wanted to have a brand name that better reflected the brand ethos. Allies is focused on giving back to both the farming communities internationally and the local community - hence their tag line, 'United by Coffee', while also prioritising the environment with sustainable practices and packaging solutions.


We're in good hands this month as Hans has a lot of experience in the industry, his roasting journey beginning in 2007 when he was fresh out of university. His passion began at 15 when he was slinging coffees in cafes and he has since got five of his own cafes successfully up and running!

Most recently Hans has focused this down to the flag ship Allies store in Birkenhead on Auckland’s North Shore, where you can find him roasting on his 25kg Toper. This is an upgrade from his friends 3kg Diedrich that he started roasting on all those years ago, and the old 10kg Toper he purchased as his very first.

This month we will be sampling Allies most popular blend - Unity. This is a blend of Brazil, Guatemala & Sumatra, with notes of chocolate, blueberry, and lemon. It's a crowd pleasing medium roast particularly great for espresso and filter! As a hot tip, Hans' favourite way to drink this blend is as a flat white.