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Roaster Collaboration #32 - Boasters Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #32 - Boasters Coffee Roasters

We've teamed up with Boasters Coffee Roasters to bring you this months liquid gold! We asked them some questions to help us all learn our brew a little better...


Who are you? Tell us about yourselves...
We are based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and coffee has always been our passion, but has not always been our story, until 2019 when our whole world was turned upside down. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and when life took an unexpected turn for us we decided to make, well, coffee! So, our passion has now also become our livelihood as we bought a coffee roastery and became Boasters Coffee Roasters. Boasters coffee is something we’re very proud of. We look after every bean to ensure that each time you drink a cup of Boasters coffee you experience that special moment of pleasure.

We have only just started our coffee roasting journey, but we hope that coffee lovers enjoy drinking our coffee as well as watching Boasters grow and make its mark in the NZ coffee landscape over the coming years.Boasters coffee reflects our passion and our desire to offer the best coffee moments. Boasters also reflects who we are as people and our love of family and community. We hope you love our coffee as much as we do, we certainly think it’s coffee worth shouting about!


What do you stand for?
We believe in creating ‘coffee to connect with’. Connecting with our drinkers, connecting with our communities, and connecting with our environments. We stand for:

  • Great coffee and creating a great drinking experience for Boasters coffee drinkers
  • Caring for our community, our customers and our Boasters cafes who are all part of our growing Boasters family. Where we can we want to continue to support and give back to our local community
  • Our environment, and where we can reducing our impact on it. Making great coffee and leaving only great memories


What do you roast on?
A classic and timeless 15kg Toper Roaster.


What roast are our subscribers receiving? 
Oto’s original is a medium-dark roast made from a blend of Arabica beans from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea Arabica origins. When Oto’s original you will be noting its full body and earthy tones, a classic chocolate sweetness and delicate berry like acidity.


What’s your favourite way to drink this roast?
For me, it’s an early morning long black made from a fresh Boasters espresso shot, and for my wife it’s matching the sweet balance of the Arabica bean with her favourite Oat Milk as a Café Latte – anytime of the day.