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Roaster Collaboration #10 - Hawthorn Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #10 - Hawthorn Coffee




Tom from Hawthorn coffee has spent his whole life around coffee. He partners with us for July to bring you something special.

"My parents and grandparents would always have a plunger coffee in the morning and again at morning tea ever since I can remember, so the ritual of brewing coffee has always been a part of my life."

It’s no big surprise that a great cup of coffee starts with great beans. That’s why these guys only source the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans to use in each of their 5 award-winning blends, roasting them to perfection in a state-of-the-art Probat roaster.

Each brew comes with very different characteristics and unique flavour profiles. The cover the whole damn ‘roast-spectrum’ - from the rich, dark Hawthorne Blend down to the light and fragrant Te Mata Triple Blend. Each of their blends possess properties which are best appreciated with particular brewing styles.

Whole bean and plunger subscribers got the Hawthorn Blend, a rich medium/dark roasted blend for the coffee lover, with a tangy bite to finish. In a plunger or filter this coffee exhibits a rich smooth character. As an espresso, the blend shows a wonderful full body with dark chocolate complexity.

While the Espresso subscribers got the Espresso Blend hailing from Indonesian, Papua New Guinea and Central American Specialty beans which exhibit a rich sweet front palate with lovely body through the middle and a cocoa, nutmeg and spice finish.


We asked Tom some more questions to get to know what makes the roaster roast. Check out the blog post here.