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Artist Collaboration #3 - Ellie Compton

Artist Collaboration #3 - Ellie Compton

"Hearing Sarah and Ed’s story of how the idea for OTG came about was a huge inspiration, also the art tells two big stories - how OTG’s packs are made, from growth of the coffee beans, to local roasters, to delivery to your door. The second story is one that tells of how every person who has an OTG package delivered to them, has a different coffee experience. Their cafe becomes their lounge room, the staff room or their dorm room. I think the diversity of customers adds to what OTG is as a brand."

We found Ellie on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her detailed designs. She's an Architect by day and artist by night.

"I have always loved the art world but After finishing my masters in architecture I used some of the section drawings I had done and combined them all to form my first piece which I called the Transparent Hotel. I submitted it in a Wellington competition called The Parkin Prize and was completely blown away when I was selected as a finalist. On opening night an incredible art collector bought it and that’s what got me thinking that maybe I could actually give this thing a go for real."

The motivation behind her works is to provoke imagination and discovery. The process involves taking an architectural section through an object or area and filling this section with a whimsical world using black ink pen.

It is a desire that the images create an awe of how functionality and whimsy can live in the same frame and encourage the observer to get lost in the narrative. Each piece tells a story using situations and personalities molded together in complex sectional drawing. Architecture and structure assist in the function of the spaces. Therefore creating readable and believable fantasies. 

So often we are too busy to look deeper and ask questions of things that don't command our attention and thoughts. As busy people we so often miss these potential hidden narratives. It is the Artists intent that the observer stops to steal a moment in order to understand and discover stories and hidden details that otherwise would be missed.

Ellie partners with us for June, July, August and September.

We pulled this content from her website, you should check it out www.elliecompton.com/