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Roaster Collaboration #3 - Eighthirty Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #3  -  Eighthirty Coffee Roasters
We're teaming up with Auckland’s trendy, about town Roaster - Eighthirty Coffee. Honestly these guys know what’s up when it comes to coffee and like to stick to their boutique range to focus on quality and consistency. Like many NZ Roasters, Eighthirty are flexible when it comes to their bean selection, which can change depending on what’s available and what’s good. This month’s On the Grind feature coffee is the Eight Thirty signature blend consisting of sustainably sourced beans from around the globe, including Central & South America. It is a medium roast with a complex and full-body mouth feel, to suit Espresso (including stove top) and Plunger brewing methods. The delicious tasting notes you can expect from this brew include Dark Chocolate, Molasses & Stone Fruits.