On the Grind

The Story



Hey Team, On the Grind started life as an idea that came about over a quality coffee and a good yarn.

Even if you’re on the daily grind and life is hectic we believe that every cup of coffee should be a great cup of coffee, and be right at your fingertips! This is why at On the Grind we will be teaming up with some of the best Artisan Roasters that NZ has to offer, so that we can feature a great new brand and fresh roast each month that you will be lucky enough to try. You won’t have to worry about your coffee supply running out as we conveniently deliver straight to your door and for as little as 50c a cup, what’s not to love!

We believe fresh coffee is the greatest coffee and we want you to experience the best there is to offer, that’s why we work really hard to get your monthly supply straight from the roaster to your doorstep as fast as possible!

We are all about supporting and connecting with local businesses and creatives, from talented Coffee Roasters to local Artists who will be designing a bright and beautiful package for our customers to enjoy each month.

We are so excited to discover and share a whole range of specialty coffee with our customers and hope you love On the Grind as much as we do.