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May's Newsletter

May's Newsletter

Hey Team

We are so excited to share this month's collab with you and love that we can get on board with kiwi businesses doing amazing things in the community. Read on below for more info on this months Lucy Blend.

We also want to do one final shout out to our current Artist Bonnie Brown from StudioBon, who designed the beautiful print that has been on the box for the last 4 months. It is her last feature on our box and while we'll miss seeing her vibrant colours each month we are really looking forward to revealing our next talent. Keep an eye out on our Insta @onthegrind_nz for sneak peeks and the big reveal!


May's Brew

This month’s brew won’t just be another cup of coffee, it will be coffee with a cause brought to you by the Able Coffee Collaborative.
These guys are pretty darn special as they are dedicated to sharing their passion for coffee and people by challenging society’s traditional ways of operating. They completely redefine what Fairtrade means and are pushing the boundaries from what was a fair wage fight, to include a wider range of social issues such as equality, diversity, inclusion, education and more. If you’re a Fairtrade fan, then you can’t get any more Fairtrade than this Month’s brew called the Lucy Blend.



The Lucy Foundation

The Lucy Foundation is a social enterprise that has been named after Co-Founder Robbie Francis’ Prosthetic Leg – Nicknamed ‘Lucy Leg’. The foundation was established after Robbie spent time over-seas as a Disability Rights Monitor and witnessed some fairly dark experiences. She returned home empowered to really make a difference and assist people living with disabilities to find work, experience inclusion and equality.

How does this all fit in with coffee? Well, The Lucy Foundation first established a team in 2016 in Pluma Hidalgo – an isolated coffee-farming village, in the mountains of Mexico. The team had many sustainable, environmental and community-based goals for this project, but a key achievement was to be inclusive of disabled people! These people and their families are receiving training and employment within the local coffee industry, from beekeeping to barista training, to coffee harvesting and more! This is a true case of you really knowing the journey from farmer to your cup, an exchange between people. The Lucy Foundation assists in exporting these green beans to NZ, which Able Coffee then roasts to perfection for their single origin and the Lucy blend in your box this month.


If you have grabbed one of our boxes this month you will notice there is a cool booklet to celebrate NZ Sign Language Week. This has been put together by our mates at the Coffee Educators to teach our amazing customers how to order their favourite coffee using NZ's third official language - Sign! This is just one of their amazing and inclusive initiatives, keep up the great work team!

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