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Keeping you caffeinated as COVID-19 hits us

Keeping you caffeinated as COVID-19 hits us

Kia Ora, like many of you we have been tracking the events of COVID-19 over the last few months. We are devastated by the impact of the virus on our international community. As a country we now need to band together to flatten the curve and get through this.

We ask that you look after those in your communities who are at risk, those who are self-isolating, and any others who may need additional help. Please only do so if you are healthy and maintain appropriate distance.

Like always, it’s our priority to keep you caffeinated, especially during this trying time when many of you are working from home and self-isolated. If we can do so safely, we will continue to operate.

We’re taking advice from our suppliers including roasters and courier services and will work with them to keep you all caffeinated. As the situation evolves however, there may come a time where deliveries may pause and restart later, we are prepared for this and will be in contact if these plans need to be actioned.

We appreciate your support for our small business. We hope you and your families are safe and well.

Together we can flatten the curve. Please keep doing all you can to flatten the curve, visit this government website for the latest information.

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