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Roaster Collaboration #77 - Folk Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #77 - Folk Coffee Roasters

Hans Kraenzlin has been in the hospitality industry for 20 years and started Folk as a coffee bar in the heart of Tauranga nine years ago. Four years ago it made sense to Hans to begin roasting his own Coffee using a 12 kg probat, and has been loving the journey.

Folk means people, and what Hans values most is people. The connection he has as a roaster with the people who grow the coffee beans, the connection that he has with the customers who buy his beans and drink his coffee, and most importantly the connection that people have when they meet each other over a cup of coffee.

Hans carefully selects the beans that he buys in order to highlight the characteristics that he wants you to find in the coffee that you drink. He also tries to source Coffee that is interesting from people who are pushing the ancient practice of growing and producing coffee with the science of a changing landscape and palate.

Coffee for the curious is one of the Folk motto's. They love that there are so many interesting coffees out there and how even small changes in roasting styles and brewing methods can yield unique and interesting flavours in the cup.

This month Hans and the team at Folk are sharing their seasonal espresso blend. It is characterised as full bodied and smooth, nutty with a caramel sweetness. They suggest this coffee is best brewed as an espresso or in a plunger. Drink it pure or with your choice of milk.

Learn more at https://folkcoffee.nz/