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Roaster Collaboration #7 - Volcano Coffee Roasters

Roaster Collaboration #7  -  Volcano Coffee Roasters

From their vantage point of 2000ft at the base of Mt Ruapehu, Volcano Coffee is serving up a superior coffee that begins with a selection of specialty, organic and fair trade green beans from a range of origins. 

In April we're bringing you 'River' which is Volcano Coffee’s original, signature blend which was created 10 years ago. It is a 3 bean blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Central American. All organic and fair trade. It is rich, complex and smooth with good full body. Will be ideal for espresso and plunger as the flavour holds up well with milk.

Chris Winn, Mr Volcano has some strong feelings about the importance of grinding on demand - he's written a blog post about it.