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Roaster Collaboration #24 - Three Llamas Coffee

Roaster Collaboration #24 - Three Llamas Coffee

This month we have a Peruvian single origin that’s roasted in Canterbury.

We’re teaming up with Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee to deliver your October hit of caffeine. Richard and Cecilia set up their growing and sourcing operations in Peru over a few years before heading back to Woodend, just north of Christchurch, to establish a boutique roastery. Everything they roast is 100% ethically sourced and fair trade.

This month’s coffee is sourced from a small mountainous region in northern Peru, recognised for its exceptional and distinctive high-quality coffee. It’s a single origin (read: all beans come from one geographic area) which means be ready for flavour!

Tasting notes: we pick up a well-balanced mouth feel with fruity and sweet notes, vanilla highlights on a darker base with a long-lasting bittersweet finish. Delish!